Drafting/Negotiating Purchase and Sale Agreements

Our law firm has lawyers experienced in assisting clients in drafting and negotiating purchase and sales agreements for real estate transactions, for both residential and commercial properties. Not only is it important to have a good, comprehensive contract, but it is just as important for the parties entering into the agreement to have a good understanding of the terms and conditions included within the purchase and sales agreement. No individual should sign a purchase and sales agreement unless they understand what they are signing. Whether you want to sit down with our attorneys for an initial consultation, at a reduced hourly rate, and have our attorneys explain to you the terms included within your purchase and sales agreement, or you want our attorneys to help you negotiate and draft a custom purchase and sales agreement, we can help.
Likewise, in the event that you or your business have special needs, it is important that those needs be addressed within the Purchase and Sales Agreement during the negotiation process. Once the agreement is signed, it is usually too late to negotiate for additional conditions or concessions related to your special concerns. Don’t get caught in a bad deal that can harm you and your business, call May Brock Law Group today at (702) 388-0404.

Setting up your business to protect your personal assets

Because our attorneys also have experience setting up businesses in Nevada (i.e., corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, etc…) ask our attorneys about how best to protect your personal assets when purchasing real estate. Depending on the purpose of the purchase (i.e., for renting, resale, business expansion, etc…) you may want to consider setting up a legal Nevada business entity so that your personal assets will remain protected.Don’t get caught in a deal that could jeopardize your personal assets. Call our office at (702) 388-0404.

Drafting/Negotiating Lease Agreements

Our real estate lawyers in Las Vegas have years of experience assisting clients in both drafting and negotiating lease agreements, for both residential and commercial leases. Because not every person or property is the same, it makes sense that some individuals need a lease agreement tailored to their personal or business needs. This is especially true when individuals need to negotiate and include tenant improvements into the terms of the lease agreement. In addition, our attorneys can sit down with you and discuss with you the terms and conditions of your lease agreement, so you will understand how these provisions will affect you or your business. Understanding what you signed, will help you know how to keep from becoming in breach of the lease agreement and/or being subject to eviction if you are the tenant. Let our experienced attorneys help negotiate your lease agreement to include those items within your lease that will help make your business a success. Call (702) 378-4514.

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